Vauxhall, the Oval & Kennington

Vauxhall, Kennington and the Oval lie just south of the River Thames in central London. The view above is from just north of Vauxhall station. The Houses of Parliament are on the left. The London Eye is on the right. It is an excellent area in which to live, with attractive parks, good local shopping, including lots of cafes and restaurants, and very good local transport:- Oxford Circus and Bank are both about 10 minutes by tube.



The Vauxhall/Kennington area has a rich and fascinating history. If this is your first visit to this website, you might like to begin your tour by reading the five short histories listed below, and by looking at the old maps. Links in the next two columns will lead you to further very interesting detail.



I recommend:

  • Hannah Renier's Lambeth Past
  • Marie Draper's Lambeth's Open Spaces
  • Sue Mckenzie's Lambeth: The Twentieth Century.

Volumes 23 and 26 of the Survey of London also contain a huge amount of detail about the area