Vauxhall, Kennington and the Oval

Lambeth Bridge from Vauxhall

Vauxhall, Kennington and the Oval lie just south of the River Thames in central London. This is the view from just north of Vauxhall station. The Houses of Parliament are on the left. The London Eye is on the right. The Vauxhall/Kennington area is an excellent place to live, with attractive parks, good local shopping, including lots of cafes and restaurants, and very good local transport:- Oxford Circus and Bank are both about 10 minutes by tube.

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The Vauxhall/Kennington area has a rich and fascinating history. If this is your first visit to this website, you might like to begin your tour by reading a five page history of the area, and then

Or maybe you would just like to follow these links to learn how the area became:-

History - Cont'd

Vauxhall was the cradle of a number of important manufacturing companies, including

Prominent local buildings etc. include:

If you want to research further, then:-

Lambeth Archives are an excellent source of original data and information, including via a computerised search facility.

There are a number of very good books describing local history in more detail than above. You might start with Hannah Renier's Lambeth Past before turning to Marie Draper's Lambeth's Open Spaces and Sue Mckenzie's Lambeth: The Twentieth Century. These and other books and leaflets are sold at the annual Lambeth Archives open day.

Volumes 23 and 26 of the Survey of London contain a huge amount of detail about the area

The Vauxhall Society website contains a huge amount of detailed historical material, as does that of St John the Divine.

There is a wealth of interesting information about the area south of the Oval on the Oval History website.

There is a more detailed history of Vauxhall on the web site of the Friends of Vauxhall Park.

The website of the Lambeth Endowed Charities contains a fascinating history of the land on either side of the northern end of Kennington Road. A 1667 will left around 7 hectares of land - then mainly given over to market gardening - to a small charity. Subsequent development of the land, and a wise investment strategy, helped create a charity whose income is now around 1 million a year!

And you might like to browse:

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